How To Make Windows 7 Look Like Classy,Simple and Professional Apple Mac Look. (Awesome Desktop)

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How To make WINDOWS  7 Look a little like APPLE MAC OsX 🙂

written by: Shan M Saleem

A Very professional , Sleek And Simple Desktop Totally customizable..

All You Need Is :

RAINMETER    ………. Download here or visit

OMNIMO (a rainmeter theme)  ………. Download File or visit

Apple theme For  windows 7  which i have already added on blog……Download Futuristic Minimal

And Some Wallpapers..

Just install rainmeter and Add Omnimo Theme in Rainmeter Then Install this theme Theme  and create your apple Pc As You Want…

Note: I have already wrote some blogs on How To Use Rainmeter and Omnimo and How To Install Shell Themes.that is why i am not writing complete detail about it. you can search all this things in my blog.. 

some wallpapers for you.(click for full size)

you can download more from,,etc

Don’t Forget To Leave Your beautiful Comments…

You Can ask me if  have any problem….

THANKs For Visit

Shan M Saleem(Admin).


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