Windows 8 Codec Pack Released – Free Download

Windows 8 Codec Pack

First Codec Pack for Windows 8 Now Releasd. Download the Codec Pack and play unsupported file formats.

Head over to to download the free codec pack

Playing unsupported file formats is now that little bit easier thanks to the first Windows 8 Codec Pack

When unsupported file formats are found in Windows 8, they become codecs. Players then have to troubleshoot in what can, sometimes, be drawn-out processes. However, The Windows 8 Codec Pack has now been released which will alleviate some of those issues.

For example, wmv files can be played with no problems while mkv files can’t. If users want to play unsupported formats, you can convert the file format into something supported by the operating system. This takes time though, as it’s not as simple as typing in another extension like you could with a picture file.

Another solution is to install third-party program that solves the compatibility issues. A popular option, particulars on Macs, is to install the VLC Media Player which supports a huge amount of file formats.

However, if you play files through the software that comes bundled with the OS – such as Windows Media Player – and requires the installation of codecs to add support for operating systems. Two ways to do this are to install codec files individually, or install packs that provide updates for lots of formats at the same time.

With that in mind, the first codec Pack for windows 8 has been released by the same author who created codec packs for Windows 7. The pack adds file support including dvx, flac, flv, mkv, rmvb, xvid and plenty more formats. The pack removes codecs if there are compatibility issues.

Installing Windows 8 codec pack

If you’re wondering how to install the first codec pack, here’s a rundown of the process as there are lots of features:

1. Full colour thumbnails: include FLVs and 10bt MKVs
2. Can enable the preview pane for all newly embedded file types
3. Allows use of the PDVD12 decoders for for 32bit LiveTV
4. Supports the Xbox 360 as extenders to playback MKV files
5. Support for single click setup of bistreamed audio
6. Playback support of MOD audio files and M4A files containing ALAC
7. Playlist creation support in Media Center
8. Users can enable/disable codecs installed on system
9. Support Add to Windows Media Player List by right clicking on all files


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