Top 100 Best Wallpapers for boost up your desktop….let’s give a life to your desktop….:)

Are you bored with the wallpaper on your desktop PC? In the past we have posted links to over 100 different collections of wallpaper images. Download your favorites and switch them out from time to time to provide some variety.

Scenic Images and Locations

If you like to look at beautiful scenery or pictures of places on Earth, the following collections provide some really pretty images. You can gaze at images such as the aurora borealis, mountains, beaches, gardens, ocean life, and seasonal images.


If you’re into scenes from space, rather than on Earth, check out the images in the following wallpaper collections.


Maybe you’re a sucker for animals. The following collections provide a variety of animal images for you to enjoy. Aren’t they cute?

Cartoons and Comics

Are you a fan of comics and cartoons? The following collections provide exciting images of DC Comics and Marvel Comics heroes and a collection of Iron Man images.

Sci-Fi and Fantasy

If you like sci-fi and fantasy movies, TV, and games, the following collections contain some impressive sci-fi and fantasy images from popular movies, TV, and games such as Harry Potter, Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, and Chronicles of Narnia, and Tomb Raider.

Video Games

Whether you like new video games or prefer classic ones, the following collections contain images of various video games to decorate your desktop. When you can’t play the games, you can enjoy images from them.


If you’re bored with the standard operating system wallpapers, and you want some different ones, the following collections provide some different wallpapers for Windows, Linux, and Mac. There are also special images for those of you with two or three monitors.


Do you have a sweet tooth? Do you love chocolate and other candies and treats? The following wallpaper collection contains mouth-watering images of delicious sweets you can enjoy looking at without worrying about calories.


With Valentine’s Day approaching, you may want to change your wallpaper to celebrate the holiday. There are also collections for New Year’s, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. You can change your wallpaper to be appropriate for the time of year.


Finally, here are some additional collections for car aficionados, fans of LEGOs, and some artistic images of fractal art, abstract textures, colored shapes, and some simple computer pictures.

Have fun decking out your desktop!


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