Easiest way to change your Windows to Win8


“Make your computer look like Windows 8”

ImageSuper Geeky Windows 8 Metro UI Inspired Multifunctional Interactive Desktop Information Center Theme
available at just download and enjoy.

Omnimo is a Rainmeter theme that gives your system the slick appearance of Windows 8 – the next installment of Microsoft’s operating system.

The Omnimo theme is based on a group of colorful desktop shortcuts and widgets that display all sorts of useful information. They let you access your favorite programs, open the most frequently used system tools, check your unread emails, have a look at the latest headlines in your RSS feeds or see the weather forecast in your city, among other things.
Omnimo is very easy to set up and configure. Simply bear in



3 thoughts on “OMNIMO

  1. and which rainmeter ver should i download (rainmete 2.2 full or 2.3 beta) plz guide me…..and does this software consume too much RAM??????

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